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The Nevada Notary is a fairly new notary office. However, our commitment to assisting any of our clients to the most of our abilities is our leit motiv and motto. This entails finding the right answer to anyone and everyone who comes to us. If we don’t know the answer, we are resourceful enough to go and get it for you based on our availability . We put integrity and respect first in everything, and anything we do. We enjoy and take pride in well-done work. This is the reason why we try our best to always provide our clients with well-done work instead of just got-done work. We hope to meet your expectations.

Signature Notarization

For any of your notary needs you may reach out to us and we will together confirm your needs and see how we may assist you. Here is a list of some documents notarization we may be able to assist you with:
  • ➜ Affidavits
  • ➜ Attorney in Fact
  • ➜ Financial Forms
  • ➜ Medical Documents
  • ➜ Child Travel Consent
  • ➜ Power of Attorney
  • ➜ Testaments
  • ➜ Wills
The Nevada notary | Notarization
The Nevada Notary | Certification

Document Copy Certification

When it comes to document copy certification we are able to provide the service. However, it is important to keep in mind that some documents like Birth certificate, Marriage decree, … are exempts and can not be copy certified by the notary.

Document Legalization

Document legalization applies to any document going to a foreign country which does not accept the Apostille. Just like the Apostille, this is only issued by the Secretary of State. What we offer here is a courier assistance to and from the Secretary of State office.
The Nevada Notary | Legalization
The Nevada Notary | Property and Loan Signing Service

Property & Loan Signing Service

For any of your real estate notary loan signing needs you may reach out to us.
  • ➜ Deeds (Grant, Quitclaim, Trust, …)
  • ➜ Purchase Loan
  • ➜ Seller Closing
  • ➜ Refinance Loan (HECM, Private, …)
  • ➜ HELOC
  • ➜ Reverse Mortgage
  • ➜ VA Loan / FHA Loan

Remote Online Notary (e-notary)

For any of your digital documents we can also perform a remote or e-notarization for you, whichever suits better your need. We use “Notarize.com” platform to assist all our clients with their e-notarization needs.
The Nevada Notary | E-Notary
The Nevada Notary | Apostille |

Apostille & Authentication

The Apostille and/or any Authentication is not issued by the Notary Public, but rather by the Secretary of State itself. All we offer here at The Nevada Notary is an assistance in taking the document to the Secretary of State office and bringing it back to you the requester. Fees on Apostille vary. Give us a call and we can gladly assist you.
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