How to Schedule

Select the Location

The Nevada Notary offers both on premise notary service and mobile notary service. If you would like us to come to you, please select one of the two mobile options ("Mobile Service 30 miles" or "Mobile Service 30 plus miles"), depending on how far you are from our office. But if you prefer coming to us, then select "The Nevada Notary Office" option. If for some reason you would rather skip the options above, we also offer e-notary that you might consider. Please select "Remote Online" for that option. Next, select the notary.

Select the Service

Please select the service you would like to request.

Select Your Date and Time

Here you will simply pick the date and time you would like us to assist you with your notarization. Please keep in mind that if your location you selected above is about 30 mn away from our office and you would want us to be there at 3:30 PM for example, the time you will select is "15:30" and not "15:00" for 3:00 PM.

Fill out Your information

Please fill out the rest of the form to the best of your ability and submit your appointment.

What's Next?

Your appointment will be submitted to us and you will be redirected to our Thank You page. We will soon get back to you through the email you provided to confirm the appointment. For this reason, please provide a correct and valid email address. Your email will only be saved in our contacts for this purpose and this purpose only, and not assigned or subscribed to a newsletter. Thank you for choosing us.